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Pets of INNhotels



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Pets of INNhotels

No need to leave four-legged friends behind.

We believe pets should also enjoy a relaxing family vacation. That's why all our 10 properties offer pet-friendly accommodations. On behalf of the INNhotels Family & Staff, we welcome you and your pets to our properties, and hope you enjoy your stay.

Goodie Bag

When you and your pet become a guest at one of our locations, you will receive a free bag filled with treats and a small toy along with some litter bags, to try and make both your stays a pleasant one!
Your pooch will also receive a small bed and pet dish, but please ask in advance to make sure we have them available.
*Picture of goodie bag may not be exactly as shown as they may change from time to time.
**One bag per dog.

Local Trails

Sniff the fresh air and get close to nature!
Make your pet's vacation a blast and explore the local pet-friendly trails in and around our communities. With INNspired hotel locations throughout Alberta and British Columbia, adventure awaits you and your fur baby around every corner!

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Local Pet Stores

We've partnered with local pet-friendly businesses to reward our four-legged guests and their owners with discounts on a special snack or new accessory!
View participating businesses. Discounts and vouchers require proof of hotel booking.

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Pet Etiquette

We want you and your lovable pet to have a great time at our hotels. Please be courteous of others and follow the following Pet Etiquette tips. Thank you for your consideration and we look forward to welcoming you and your pet


Clean Up After Your Pet

Always promptly clean up after your pet indoors and outdoors. You can use designated pet waste disposal areas and carry waste bags.


Leash Policy

Keep your pet on a leash or in a carrier when in common areas of the hotel, including lobbies, hallways, and elevators.


Respect Quiet Hours

Ensure your pet does not create excessive noise, especially during designated quiet hours. Be considerate of other guests' comfort and relaxation.


Do Not Leave Pets Unattended

Never leave your pet unattended in your room unless they are securely crated. Unsupervised pets may become anxious or cause disturbances.


Notify the Hotel

Inform the hotel staff about your pet's presence during the reservation process and check-in. Provide any necessary documentation, such as vaccination records or licenses.


Respect Non-Pet Areas

Respect areas where pets are not allowed, such as restaurants, pool areas, and spa facilities. Follow hotel guidelines and restrictions regarding pet access.


Control Barking

Train your pet to minimize excessive barking. If your pet becomes noisy, please take measures to calm them down or address the situation as soon as possible.


Avoid Allergen Spread

If your pet sheds, take extra care to minimize allergen exposure for other guests. Regularly groom your pet and clean up any loose fur to help maintain a hypoallergenic environment.


Avoid using hotel towels or linens to clean your pet

You can bring your own supplies for grooming and cleaning.


Be Responsible

Be a responsible pet owner by ensuring your pet is well-behaved, vaccinated, and free from parasites. Keep your pet's health and safety a top priority throughout your stay.

Be the person your
dog thinks you are...

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