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Founder & CEO

Gerry Levasseur

1933 - 2024

"Forever in our hearts!"

Honoured friends and family, today we pay respect to Gerry Levasseur. To some a good friend, business partner, cousin, uncle, brother or grand father, to my mom a beloved husband and best friend. For my sister and me, a dad, father and mentor. The greatest person we ever knew. A few words that could be used to describe Gerry: dynamic, smart, driven, soft inside, caring, generous, loving, fun, quick, adventurous, passionate, larger than life. A few stories of his life. Gerry was born in 1933 in Edmonton. In total there were six kids, himself and five sisters. I'm sure he enjoyed the attention he got from them and protecting them all. salesman His father was the proprietor of a construction company, and his mother was involved in the furrier business with her sisters. He attended schools such as Morinville Boys School and St Joseph High School. He couldn't wait to leave. Being the young entrepreneur he was, it wasn't long before he was collecting damaged produce at the railway for pennies in his red wagon and selling it for nickels in his neighbourhood. After he'd had enough nickels, he bought and sold used bikes. He also enjoyed working with his dad at the construction sites. The bikes turned into cars. An interest that would last a lifetime and include him being the owner or partner in several auto dealerships, a bus company and a large rental and leasing company. He was also someone who loved a good car. Collecting many thru out his life. While a car salesman at Healy Motors in the late 50s and early 60s, Mr Healy approached my dad one day to suggest, he may sell more cars if he stopped building so many apartments ... as my dad's desk at the time was covered with building blueprints. papa & pat The cars turned into houses. The houses into apartments and the apartments into hotels. The number of businesses and developments Gerry would start and build in his lifetime is mind boggling. Too many to list here. From a canteen and soda fountain in Devon all the way to multi-million dollar resorts. All the while though. He remained Gerry. A small-town Alberta boy with big dreams and the energy and courage to see them thru. He was humble and big hearted. But he spoke what was on his mind, no matter if it come across tough. He felt it was better to be honest and upfront, say it and get it out. He was generous, sometimes to a fault. Giving to groups and individuals and usually with no one knowing he'd done it. In the 1960s he met his future wife. A beautiful German girl who was way above his league. It wasn't long before he knew she was the girl he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. They married in 1966 and made a beautiful life together. A true love story. Lots of adventure, trials and tribulations ensued. There love for each other was undying. She was, by the way, the only person who could ever keep Gerry in line. She loved him deeply and he to her. Along came two children whom he loved and was proud of in all they would do. He wanted us all, family and friends, to come with him on his adventure and hear about yours. This meant. Wear a seatbelt. If you knew what was good for you. Either by his driving, or by how much you were going to accomplish. Strap in for the ride. And you'd never wish you hadn't. I count myself so fortunate to have been along on so many of those rides. As his son, I had a front row seat. And it was priceless. I'm sure my sister would agree. papa He taught her and I, to respect everyone know matter what their walk of life was, don't ask anyone to do for you what you would not do yourself, get after it !, do what you love, have fun but work first, love your kids and be proud of them, try to be a better person, try not to get too stressed and have faith, more lessons than you can imagine. A better education than any University. He valued his friends too. They were important to him. He enjoyed learning from them and sharing his life with them. He especially enjoyed his lunch time and Fridays in Stony Plain. You knew by Gerry's smiles and infectious laugh. Those who knew him, knew he loved Jasper. He was so proud and honoured by what valued people in his company had accomplished there, and elsewhere. Gerry wedding He also enjoyed Palm Springs, and both he and his wife had a second home there, they welcomed many and the order of every day was enjoy. He loved animals, especially the company of dogs or horses. They were a large part of his life. And he also was able to enjoy these connections with his family. Most of all he loved home. Where his wife was. Where his kids would be with him. Where friends were always welcome. He loved and was proud of his grand kids. He couldn't speak enough about their accomplishments and wanted to know their latest endeavours and adventures. Gerry in a car There is so much we could say, how does someone put it in one eulogy. Let us end with this, on behalf of my sister and I, Thanks Dad, for being the best dad and person we could ever know. We love you always. On behalf of my mom, you'll always be loved and cherished. On behalf of his grand kids, we'll miss you papa and on behalf of friends and family, we look forward to seeing you again some day Gerry.

Gerard P. Levasseur

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